My Problem with Favorites

I have a problem with favorites.  Ultimately it seems like if I pick a favorite I’m then denying all other options.  But I like a lot of things. I don’t want to limit myself and only pick one thing, only to never be able to experience the other things for fear of betraying the first thing! At least that’s how favorite feel to me.

Some might call it indecisive. I think I’ve even done that, but it’s really about this limitation.  I like a lot of colors. I love pink and green and blue and brown and orange and combinations of those. I got through phases with my favorites. There was a time when I was buying a lot of the same color because that was my current thing. I really enjoyed my teal, mint green phase. I almost said favorite there (haha). But anyway.

The same goes for music. People always ask what kind of music you listen to or who’s your favorite artist. Especially when meeting new people. I guess we’re trying to find some commonalities right? Well that’s so hard. I like a lot of different music.  I like listening to the radio. So whatever is playing I’ll probably listen to it and just wonder who’s singing or what the name of the song is if it’s new to me.  I don’t seek out music. I’m a recipient.  I use my Shazam app to find out an artist if there’s a song that really draws me in or that I keep hearing on the radio or when I’m out somewhere or getting my hair done.  Eventually I’ll hear enough of their music that I’ll buy their album, usually enough time has passed that there’s a deluxe edition available or it’s on sale or reduced price because it came out 6 months ago and everyone’s over it. But I’m ok with that.

I think this lack of favorites allows me to be open. I’ll try something new because I’m not sure if I’ll like it or not.  A couple times now I’ve spontaneously gone with a friend to concerts because there was a band playing that she wanted to see. I wasn’t familiar with them or had maybe heard one song because it was featured in Grey’s Anatomy, but that’s it. And the opening acts were completely new. But she was cool with it and we listened to their music on the drive so I knew what to expect.  And that’s cool. I like to experience new things and because I’m so flexible and with no preferences, I think I can fit in pretty easily.  It makes me feel very chameleon.  I’ll just blend in to my surroundings no need to stand out or be a stick in the mud about something.

I imagine as I continue to write I’ll determine some preferences regarding this blog. As you know I’m just getting started with it and I’m not sure what I want to use it for. What message do I want to convey? I’m not sure. But I like that. It kinda fits my personality.  I’ve got a lot of thoughts about a lot of things and so I’ll share them here in as concise a fashion as I can. If I feel a rant coming along I’ll let you know in advance or as it comes 🙂

So, again you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been posting every day.  A part of this writing challenge I’m doing.  I like getting in the habit of writing every day. It gives me a minute to think about something other than the project I’m working on or the article I’m reading. It’s a good 15-20 minute break.  When this is over I’ll probably keep writing every day but you might not get to see it right away. I’ll space them out a little more.

For the next couple weeks continue to enjoy my daily posts and the seemingly random topics that I throw out there.

Happy Wednesday!

Hump Day!

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