Intentionally Avoiding Adverbs…

…except in my title 😃

Today’s prompt challenged me to go to a public place and describe the scene without the use of adverbs. Sadly, I only went to one public place and that was the eye doctor, where my contacts were out and my eyes were dilated so I couldn’t see anything for the majority of my time there.

But what did I do today? I interviewed people. I had the privilege of chatting with faculty members about their experiences for a class project. The more I talk with people and hear their stories, the more I’m convinced that I’ve picked the right topic for my dissertation.  There are so many questions! So many experiences. So many stories! I thrive on stories. They energize me.

It seems that with every day I accomplish another task. I receive another encouraging word. I have another moment that boosts my confidence and reaffirms my potential to do this kind of work.  I am going to finish my PhD. I am going to build a new network in another part of higher education.   I still don’t know what will happen after I’m done. But I will be done. I will have a new prefix.

And then I’ll worry about finding someone for whom I’m willing to change my last name.


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