Happy Birthday!

When I was growing up, the one thing I always loved (and still do) was pound cake.  My grandma would make one every now and then when she would come to visit in the summers.  By the time I went off to college that seemed to always be the one thing I wanted when I would come home.  My birthday usually fell right before spring break and I’d head home. My mom would call and ask what kind of cake I wanted or if there’s was anything special she could get.  The answer was always pound cake.

If you think about it, this cake is kinda perfect.  You can eat it with your hands. It’s somewhat portable. There’s no need for icing so less calories (minus the pound of butter inside of course). A glaze is just a bonus but totally optional.  It’s almost like a sweet bread like pumpkin bread or zucchini bread.  If you’re running late you can cut a slice and eat it for breakfast! That might be part of the true appeal now that I think about it. My mom always made sure we ate something before school. So if I didn’t wake up early enough for a real breakfast (who’s surprised by that?! lol), she would send me out the door with a piece of pound cake for the bus or the 5 minute drive to school.  Any dessert I can eat for breakfast is a win in my book 🙂

What is your favorite childhood meal?


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