Dear Memory

For those of you following along, I’ve been participating in a blog writing challenge for the last couple of weeks.  Today’s prompt challenged me to pick up a book near me, flip to page 29, and pick out the first word that stuck out to me to use as inspiration. Well… the only book in my backpack was my APA manual. So…pg. 29 was devoid of inspiring words. But I did see the word memory on the page so… here we go. I’ve had some issues with my memory. I’m pretty forgetful so I thought I’d share my concerns.

Dear Memory,

Are you there? I’m not always sure you come to work every day.

I have a few questions for you today. I’m concerned with your performance. I know you have a very sophisticated filing system, but I always feel like you can’t find the file I’m looking for when I need it. You’re very responsive about sending me files that I haven’t requested, but again, not usually what I ever need.  What’s the issue? Is there a reason you can’t provide the requested information at the time of the request?

Have I overworked you? This is a fast-paced, working environment so I realize you have a lot of juggle at the same time.  You’re the only one working in this department and the demands are high.

Are you really tired and just taking a lot of vacation days? Perhaps you forget to put up your “out of office” message but then don’t check your email upon your return.  I thought we had a good system for submitting requests.  Let me know if you need to re-evaluate the process for file retrieval.

And what’s with the damaged files? You know the ones that have missing pages so that I have the beginning and ends of a document but not the middle? What’s up with that? Was there water damage in the file room? Please let me know if I need to remove certain liquids or start providing supplements to boost file protection.

But, maybe you’re protecting me from something. Are there encrypted files that I’m not supposed to access? Do I not have a certain level of security clearance? Who does?  Are there files that you deleted for my safety because I’m better off not seeing that information?

I trust that you know what you’re doing. You came highly recommended at one point and I’m not trying to fire you. I’ve just been concerned with your performance in the last few years.  Please let me know how I can best support you in the coming years.  There’s no end date on your contract so this job is yours as long as you want it.  I hope you’ll stay with me for a long, long time.





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